Technicians from network operator Enexis who are constantly on the road depend heavily on a properly functioning and reliable internet connection. This has not been the case for a long time, resulting in a great deal of time loss and frustration. Thanks to the software solution of NetMotion, implemented by NetBoss, this inconvenience has been reduced considerably. Field staff can focus on their work again, they no longer need to worry about reconnecting with the backend of the corporate network. “NetMotion’s solution is practically essential for companies with field staff,” says Jacob Staats, Enexis IT Consultant.

Technicians can’t do without properly functioning internet

We all depend on energy all day long, both at home and at work. It has become so self-evident that we sometimes forget how the energy we purchase ends up with us. Enexis Netbeheer is one of the eight network operators in the Netherlands that plays an important role in this. The main task of a network operator is to install and maintain the energy network in the Netherlands.

In total, over 4,200 Enexis employees are responsible for light and warmth in the Netherlands. They manage the electricity network of 130,000 km and the 44,800 km underground gas piping system. Every day, more than 900 Enexis technicians are on the road to carry out maintenance, install and connect energy networks. These engineers use laptops and tablets that are connected to the internet to be in contact with the operator. Not only to receive notifications and obtain geographic data but also to be able to do their work properly at the location.

Reliable mobile connections

To be able to do their work, the Enexis engineers in the field have to count on a reliable mobile connection. Unfortunately, this was not so obvious. Mechanics complained about the bad internet connection. They had to manually re-establish a VPN connection and log in again. This happens ten to twenty times a day resulting in time loss and frustration.

“The NetMotion solution is essential, especially for companies with field staff. Enexis doesn’t stop at delivering the product, instead, they continue working with you to improve the work process

Jacob Staats | ICT Consultant van Enexis

Enexis has chosen NetBoss to help them solve the problem of lost and unreliable internet connections for field staff. However, prior to implementation, the field staff were skeptical about whether this solution was achievable.

There is often a fear of this incredibly simple solution. The software infrastructure can run independently of the operating system and hardware, even without making changes to the existing system. This Mobile Performance Management (MPM) Software addresses the problem and thus eliminates frustration for users and IT departments. The result: more pleasant, faster and safer work without the stress and frustration of unstable connections.

Constant connection with the most important applications

Enexis has also started using NetMotion software for other things than guaranteeing reliable, stable connections. This is because performance issues were regularly found with the devices that field staff was using. Enexis started investigating the problem together with NetBoss. It turned out that the connection of the device was used too much for data traffic, which was not necessary at that time. The consequence was that the most important applications had little or no response.

NetBoss has suggested a solution that only allows traffic that is highly necessary in the field at that time. By implementing “policies” within NetMotion, it is ensured that the primary applications have priority over other applications. It can be arranged automatically that less data traffic is used through slower routes. This greatly improves the speed of the applications. “NetBoss doesn’t stop at delivering the product, instead they continue working with you to improve the work process” according to Staats.

The solution that NetBoss has offered with its NetMotion software has been twofold for Enexis, namely providing reliable connections as well as preventing unnecessary strain on the connection that the engineer uses.

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