The engineers of Heinen & Hopman, provider of marine and offshore HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) solutions, are highly dependent on a good internet connection. The technicians use mobile phones, laptops, and tablets on a daily basis, to do their job. Having a stable, reliable and secure connection is necessary to use the applications such as 3D visualizations on the ships were they work. Thanks to the Mobility solution from NetMotion, the technicians can view essential data anywhere anytime without being disturbed.

Poor internet connection at construction sites

Heinen & Hopman engineers work primarily on shipyards and construction sites, they often have to work with weak or bad internet connections. Before the implementation of the NetMotion software, field employees dealt with a lost internet connection, which caused irritation. Having to set up a VPN connection, again and again, caused a lot of time loss and problems with the work process. Without a secure and stable connection, the engineers cannot be provided with the correct and most updated information, such as shipbuilding drawings. Re-establishing such a connection with username and password greatly disrupts daily work.

Because the employees could not rely on the presence of a reliable internet connection, other solutions were sought. Employees took their laptops to the workplace, on which they could open a static version of the building plans. However, the result was that the information, without proper internet connection,  could not be synchronized and therefore the information received was not up to date. As a result, the purpose of the internet applications was ignored. 

Undisturbed use of applications

For Heinen & Hopman, the Software Defined Mobility (SDM) solution from NetMotion offers the solution. By setting up a software-based, mobile infrastructure, policies can be created quickly which are “under certain conditions” automatically activated. For example, only primary applications are allowed if the connection is 3G or lower, to make optimal use of available bandwidth and to ensure that important applications continue to perform well. The required session remains constantly active in the “background” so logging in, again and again, is no longer necessary.

“Our engineers are so enthusiastic that everyone asks for this solution. We are therefore expanding it further for more devices, with the aim of being able to work off-site everywhere.”

Reinier van Schaik | ICT Manager

This solution solves the problem of malfunctioning applications. Nowadays the field staff can view essential data about the ship everywhere and undisturbed. They can take their devices on board and it is not necessary to go back to an office location on the quay. This prevents frustration among employees, increases productivity and reduces time loss. Reinier van Schaik, ICT manager at Heinen & Hopman: “Everyday  our engineers work with great pleasure with devices that run on the Mobility software from NetMotion.” It is not only the engineers who benefit from this new solution. Van Schaik: “This also allows the senior engineer to spend more time on location without having to worry about issues such as lost connections.”

Smooth and fast implementation

Since November 2016, a large part of the Heinen & Hopman field staff has been using NetMotion software. The implementation went smoothly; after a successful Proof of Concept (PoC), the software was taken into production. It was implemented in one go into the production network. Van Schaik: “The engineers are so enthusiastic that everyone asks for this solution. We are therefore expanding it further for more devices, with the aim of being able to work off-site everywhere.”

Van Schaik describes the implementation that NetBoss, in collaboration with Dataplus, has carried out as skillful and pragmatic: “Even though we are working with a high-tech product, NetBoss has two feet on the ground and they think along with you every step of the way.” Since the arrival of NetBoss, as an implementation partner of NetMotion, much has changed within Heinen & Hopman. “Our employees start their device, log in once and the connection is automatically set up in the background and it’s then the NetMotion software that turns on the light:“ Instead of switching a switch manually, the ‘light’ now goes as soon as you walk past it.”

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